May 11, 2023


Newborn Photography

 Choosing the right newborn photographer for your little one can be overwhelming. After all, there is a lot to consider when selecting the photographer who will be handling and posing your baby for their session.
  I have compiled a list of things to consider when selecting your newborn photographer to help simplify your decision making, and give you assurance that you have selected the right newborn photographer for you. Read on to learn more.

Not all photographers photograph everything. The first thing to consider when looking for a photographer is to find out what they specialize in. Do they primarily photograph weddings? Do they photograph boudoir? Do they take beautiful landscape images? Or does their portfolio consist mostly of children and families?
  All of the types of photography listed above require training and experience in those genres to safely produce beautiful, professional images. The same goes especially for newborn photography.

Newborn photography is an art in itself, requiring tons of ongoing training to be able to properly, and safely handle and pose your newborn. Some may think it is simple considering newborn babies sleep a lot, but babies can be finicky and fussy at times, so posing takes a lot of time a patience. Certain poses, if not done properly, can restrict the baby’s air way, or cut off circulation to arms and legs. A trained newborn photographer will know how to avoid having any of those afflictions occur.
  It is okay to ask your photographer how much experience they have photographing newborns. Are they just starting out? Have they taken any newborn photography workshops? How many years of experience do they have photographing newborns? These questions are truly important to consider when hiring your photographer.

Some images, like the one above, are achieved by compositing two images together. What you don’t see, is that Mom was supporting the baby the entire time during his pose, and then two separate images were Photoshopped together to create the infamous “Froggy Pose”. At the end of this post, you will see a quick video of how I did this.
  It is important that your photographer is either always within arms reach of the baby at all times, or has an assistant to help spot the baby. I sometimes ask the parents for assistance when necessary, like in the above image. The baby’s safety is the main priority.

Another thing to take into consideration is whether or not your photographer is insured. NO PHOTOGRAPHER should be operating a business, let alone handling a client’s baby without the proper insurance. I cannot stress this enough.
  If your photographer is operating as an L.L.C. or is a Sole Proprietor, do they have a studio location? Or, do they travel to client’s homes for in-home newborn sessions?
  A lot of the time, an in-studio photographer will focus more on the sleepy posed images like in this post, whereas an in-home photographer will produce more lifestyle type imagery. The type of images you’re interested in having should influence your decision on the photographer you would like to hire.

Does your photographer provide all of their own props, outfits, etc. for the baby? Most of the time, lifestyle photographers will travel lightly, and photograph families in what they have. A lot of in-studio photographers will provide little outfits, wraps, headbands, and bonnets, as well as props to pose the baby in for their session. Ask your photographer if you’re required to bring anything to the session. Hopefully they will have mostly everything covered for you.
  I myself, hand knit or felt almost everything I use during my sessions, so that each client has unique images created just for their session. I send out a questionnaire to my clients before their session to see if they would like anything in particular, such as colors, or themes incorporated in their images. In all of the above images, mom requested neutrals and some pinks for their little ones.

Finally, does your photographer provide digital images? Prints? Or both? Some photographers have packages that include a set amount of images for download, while others provide prints and artwork only.
  Newborn photography is a big investment not only for the families, but for the photographer as well. If your photographer has a studio, they need to take into consideration the overhead, along with insurance, props, equipment, and the proper training via workshops to operate a successful newborn photography business.
  I would say it is not advisable to go with the cheapest option for your newborn photographer, considering “cheaper” usually means less experience, therefore less consideration for your baby’s safety. And who would want someone improperly handling and posing their newborn?
  Below, you will see a quick editing video that I put together to show a bit of the behind the scenes process of creating the froggy pose. As always, feel free to reach out to the studio with any questions you may have regarding your newborn session!

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